4 Steps to Reduce Employee Turnover

Aug 29, 2019
You’re in the business of taking care of people. Not just your patients or clients but also your...
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How We Do It: Data Privacy and Security

Aug 14, 2019
When we talk to leaders in the fields of home care, residential care and long-term care, a...
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Patient Declaration of Values for Ontario

Apr 1, 2019
We have been following the work of the Patient and Family Advisory Council, a formal body that...
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How to Deliver Exceptional Person-Centered Care

Feb 25, 2019
 Whenever the MemorySparx team has a meeting, we leave a seat at the table to represent the...
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Using Data to Make a Difference

Feb 5, 2019
It won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has met me, but I love data. Lucky for me, there is...
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The Early Signs of Dementia, and How to Infuse Your Days with Joy

Jun 22, 2018
Our company's mission is to help people who are living with dementia continue to do things on...
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You are not alone: a caregiver's journal

Jun 5, 2018
In 2012, Anne Hopewell founded the Memory Boosters Social Club in Waterloo, Ontario. The club...
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Real Talk about Seniors and Technology

May 25, 2018
My mom is 67 years old. She dropped out of high school to become a hairdresser, and still does...
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How MemorySparx One Can Help You Prepare For a Great Day

Apr 30, 2018
This is our final post in the series that dives into each section of MemorySparx One to describe...
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How MemorySparx One Can Help You Remember the Most Important Details about Your Life

Apr 18, 2018
Last week we talked about some of the ways you can use the My Health section of MemorySparx® One...
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