App Helps People with Memory Loss Live with Independence and Dignity

March 1, 2018

 Why an app for people with memory loss?

The “spark” for the MemorySparx® One app came when CEO Mary Pat Hinton decided to apply her technology experience to improving quality of life for people with cognitive impairments. Being very close to her grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s, Mary Pat envisioned a world in which people with dementia live with independence and dignity. Mary Pat with her grandmother, Jean

Mary Pat with her grandmother, Jean

The MemorySparx One app for iPad was developed by conducting over 1000 hours of consultation with people living with dementia. Mary Pat wanted a tool that would actually WORK for the people intended to use it, and it has resulted in a useful app with an accessible design. At every team meeting, Mary Pat leaves a seat at the table to represent our users. Their voices inspire everything that we do.


 Monique and Gerard Laderoute
Monique and Gerard Laderoute


What does living well with memory loss look like?

Diagnosed 7 years ago with vascular dementia, Gerard Laderoute has become an active member of his local Alzheimer Society. He credits the committee work and friendships made with helping to brighten his days, give him a sense of purpose, and even slow his condition. “I think it’s even more important when you have dementia to stay active.” As one of the design consultants for MemorySparx One, Gerard has been thrilled with the results. “It is easy to maneuver through the different steps of the application… it is a real pleasure to work with it. I especially like the family album part.” Gerard is a big history buff and loves doing online brain games, but his real joy is telling stories about his family and his adventures as a salesman on the road. He says his wife Monique would also love to use it, even though she does not have dementia. 

“I highly recommend it! It’s especially good for people with dementia, but also for any senior. You should do everything you can to slow the onset.”

How does MemorySparx One play a role in living well?

MemorySparx One works on an iPad as a tool for memory recall. The app uses personal photos, text, and audio to help people plan their days, boost their confidence, and speak for themselves. Whether it be running errands, health care appointments, or social activities, MemorySparx One can go anywhere as a discrete digital memory aid.

The My Day section contains your daily agenda, which helps to reduce anxiety because you can always refer to what’s coming next. You can add a photo of the car that’s picking you up, an uplifting quote for when you need a boost, or even an audio clip of your granddaughter from your last visit. The combination of words, audio, and visual cues are very powerful for memory recall.

The My Life section is home to your personal details and photo albums. Add content all about yourself, where you have lived and worked, your loved ones, pets, travel… whatever you would like to refer to when making social connections or having peaceful moments of reminiscence.

The My Health section is a handy reference for your medical history, prescriptions, and any health and behavioral notes you’d like to keep. Store photos of your medications and health care professionals for easy reference. Speak for yourself at appointments, and feel more prepared when asked, “How have you been feeling?”








How will YOU use MemorySparx to have a good day?

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