MemorySparx One helps Roxanne share her voice

April 4, 2018

In 2016, Roxanne and her husband Michael moved from a bustling city to a small town in rural Alberta. They downsized their home because Roxanne was no longer working, but the move has been beneficial in many other ways. The temperatures are milder which is great for gardening and nature hikes, something Roxanne has always loved after growing up in the Okanagans. The members of their congregation welcomed them with open arms, showing up on moving day to help unpack. Living in a population of only 500 now, Roxanne feels more peace of mind if she ever does lose her way. Without the traffic, noise, and hustle of city life, they now enjoy the simple quiet of daily routines. 

Roxanne is living with Primary Progressive Aphasia, which has not affected her cognitive functioning as much as her language processing. Having public speaking experience and a higher education, Roxanne is well spoken but it takes great effort now, and she feels her speech does not reflect “her” the way it used to. 


 Roxanne & Michael with daughter at Waterton Lakes National Park Roxanne & Michael with daughter at Waterton Lakes National Park


“MemorySparx allows voice recordings, which is so important for me. There will come a time when I cannot use my voice, and when I want to share something with my children I can play the audio for them. It's marvelous."  

The “My Life” section of MemorySparx One contains a series of photo albums that you can fill with the important people, places, and activities from your life. Roxanne records her own voice to describe each photo. Though she also uses the voice-to-text feature on her iPad to save the effort of typing, it is powerfully personal to hear her voice telling each story.   


 Roxanne behind the wheel on the sand dunes
Roxanne behind the wheel on the sand dunes

"It's a really nice place to record memorable times and experiences - like 'this is when I went to see my first grandchild in the hospital' - in anticipation of the future for my daughter to hear it." 

Family is top priority for Roxanne, who left her first career and went back to school for re-training when her work schedule made it difficult to spend time with her four children. When she first received her dementia diagnosis at age 51, Roxanne composed a Bucket List and started ticking everything off right away: zip lining, whitewater rafting, dune buggying. She loved the experiences but realized that it's all about time with family. 

Time is precious, and Roxanne uses the “My Health” section of MemorySparx to store her list of medications and supplements to save time every time someone asks what medications she’s taking – and she gets asked a lot. She also uses the “My Health” section to keep track of all the health care professionals she visits, and as she bonds with them is asking to take their photo for the record as well. 

She has another clever use for photos in the “My Life” section, where she has a photo album called Physio Exercises. Physiotherapists are always giving out sheets of paper with exercises and diagrams on them, and Roxanne was always losing the sheets of paper.  

"It's absolutely phenomenal, I can take a photo of the sheet and then I have it forever." 

We are so grateful to Roxanne for sharing her story and all the effective ways she uses MemorySparx One. The first 30 days are free when you download MemorySparx One. Let us know how you use MemorySparx One to have a great day!