How MemorySparx One Can Make Health Care Visits Easier

April 12, 2018

We love helping people feel more prepared and confident to speak for themselves at health care visits. The MemorySparx® One app has a section called My Health, in which you can store all of your vital health details to take along everywhere. Here are some ways in which you can use MemorySparx One to support a better health care experience:

Use the My Care Journal section to take notes of the little things that you want the doctor to know: how you have been sleeping, any digestive issues, increased feelings of anxiety, etc. Each note is date and time stamped so that it’s easy to see when it happened.

You can also use MemorySparx One to take notes during health care visits so that you don’t always feel you have to rely on a companion to be with you or to speak on your behalf.







Create clear and accurate records of your medications for all of the times you are asked about them at appointments. You can make a list of your medications and dosages, then take a photo of the list and store it in MemorySparx One - a concise snapshot to see everything at once.

For a more detailed view, take a photo of each prescription bottle or package with the pill beside it so that you can see both in one picture. You can also record questions and take note of side effects for each medication.







Have quick access to details about all of the people in your life who support you. If you have a driver named Lou who picks you up from the front door of your condo on Wednesday mornings, you can put those details into MemorySparx One along with a photo of Lou and his car so you recognize him. You can even take notes about what you like to chat about in the car so that you can feel relaxed upon the journey.




Keep a list of your doctors, physiotherapists, speech therapists, dietitians, etc. all in one place. You can have their contact information and even a photo to help you recognize them in a busy clinic or if you don’t visit often.











Carry your family medical history and your own personal health history with you at all times. Ease any anxiety about having to remember complicated details when asked.










Did you know that MemorySparx One is available for the first 30 days for free? Give it a try and tell us how it works for you.