How MemorySparx One Can Help You Remember the Most Important Details about Your Life

April 18, 2018

Last week we talked about some of the ways you can use the My Health section of MemorySparx® One to make health care visits easier. This week we want to share how the My Life section of the app can help you recall important details about yourself, your family and friends, travel, work, pets, and more – all customized by you.


The My Life screen offers five customizable photo albums plus one fixed album called Me. We provide some suggested album titles (Family, Friends, Places, and Work) but you can rename these albums and add more of your own.

Some album ideas suggested by our users include: pets, food preferences and favorite wardrobe pairings. You can use these albums to help tell stories about your life, give your spirits a boost and recall vital details when you need them.








The album called “Me” is a permanent part of the My Life section that you cannot delete or change.

This album is an excellent reference for all the times you need to fill out a form with your personal data and emergency contact information.  

You can also add two photos of yourself to the Me album. Our users love choosing a special photo of themselves when they were younger, and a more current photo. It helps support a sense of recognition and identity.






In the Me album, you can add a more detailed description about each of the photos of yourself. Perhaps you have a fond memory to recall or a fun conversation starter to share with people.

You can use the Voice Recording feature to add an even more personal touch to the photos. Hearing yourself or a loved one speaking can be a lovely, profound experience.







In this example of a “Family” album, you can see that there is a short caption for each photo for quick reference. This is especially helpful if you are at an event with people you don’t see often.

You can add up to 25 photos in each album. People like to use a combination of current photos taken with their iPads, and also using their iPad to take photos of treasured older photos in an album or picture frame.







When you click on each photo in an album, it opens up the more detailed description and any audio that you may have recorded. Our users find the combination of photos, text and audio to be very powerful for memory recall. It is also very uplifting to hear the voices of precious friends and family members.

You can add conversation cues to your photo descriptions. What does the person in the photo like to do? What can you ask them about?







Load up MemorySparx One with photos and information to help you feel excited about making social connections and going about your day. The first 30 days of your plan are free! Learn more here.