How MemorySparx One Can Make Health Care Visits Easier

Apr 12, 2018
We love helping people feel more prepared and confident to speak for themselves at health care...
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MemorySparx One helps Roxanne share her voice

Apr 4, 2018
In 2016, Roxanne and her husband Michael moved from a bustling city to a small town in rural...
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App Helps People with Memory Loss Live with Independence and Dignity

Mar 1, 2018
 Why an app for people with memory loss?
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The Man in the Purple Cape

Feb 6, 2018
When I asked Brian LeBlanc about his favourite tools for living well, he lowered his voice...
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Best Practices for Creating Technology for People with Dementia

Nov 20, 2017
Creating great technology experiences for people living with dementia requires talking to them...
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It's all in the family

Jul 24, 2017
When a parent or family member has dementia, everyone needs to learn a new normal. That’s...
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Living life fully with dementia – tips from the real experts

May 31, 2017
When Gerard Laderoute was diagnosed with vascular dementia six years ago, he didn’t hold out...
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