A tool for person-centered communications and care

Maintain meaningful engagement with families while delivering exceptional person-centered care

MemorySparx Connect shown on various devices


Strengthen connections between people who provide care and those who receive it


Communicate with family and staff efficiently without the need for phone calls


Give your team a quick way to assure families that their loved ones are doing well

  • We are proud to be providers of MemorySparx Connect-this program supports those affected by dementia as well as other issues that affect a person’s quality of life. Excellent program promoting effective client centered care. Thanks Emmetros.

    -Laura Greenway-Balner, Owner of Right at Home Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge & Guelph


  • MemorySparx Connect is an excellent opportunity to improve quality of life for our residents ... I cannot tell you how happy we are.

    - Joy Birch, Chief Operating Officer at Highview Residences


  • MemorySparx Connect keeps me, my families and the residents all connected through one simple resource.

    - Kait Carnegie, Activation Coordinator at Highview Residences


  • MemorySparx Connect is a clear example of how knowing what matters most can help alleviate concerns.

    - Mark Dager, Director of Long Term Care at Woodingford Lodges


  • MemorySparx Connect is a great way to promote meaningful and purposeful interaction from front line staff.

    - Mark Dager, Director of Long Term Care at Woodingford Lodges


Let's Connect


Happy clients, happy staff

BUILD a connection - spark authentic conversations using photos, text, and audio that reflect the real-life story of each care recipient.

FOSTER inclusivity - invite care recipients and their care partners, including family members, to participate in the circle of care. Show health information only to those who need it.

COMMUNICATE with ease - keep the right people informed at the right time with quick in-the-moment chat, care journal entries, and shared daily agendas.

NURTURE the care team - get timely and useful insights from family members and support seamless staff transitions with a shared information record that’s updated in real-time.

EMPOWER staff - give staff members the tool they need to do a great job anywhere, from any connected device.  

MANAGE cost with integrity - increase staff productivity without sacrificing quality care. Meet growing demand for connected care with a secure and scalable solution that’s tested for ease-of-use.

Useful and easy to use

Care Circle

Every care recipient has a unique support network. Invite their most trusted care providers, family members, or friends to participate in the care circle by sharing photos and other useful updates. Control which team members can view health information.


Start visits off on the right foot with a shared plan that everyone can see and contribute to. See plans for the day, use a photo or video to share a moment, or look back on yesterday’s memories.



Shift the conversation with unique content provided by the care recipient or their family members. Use personalized albums with photos, text, audio and video to support meaningful conversation, reminiscence therapy, or respectful redirection of responsive behaviors.


Up to 80% of information shared during a medical visit is immediately forgotten by patients*. Keep track of it all with appointment notes, care provider contact information, medication lists and health history in one central place that’s shared only with those who need it.


Good communication within the care team is central to quality care. Quick and secure, in-the-moment chat gives the whole care team an easy way to stay in touch. Sometimes peace of mind is only a chat message away.


Stay in-the-loop with a list of content changes made by other care circle members. Simply scan the list to catch up on recent changes. Click a change to view the content.

Let’s connect!

MemorySparx Connect is an easy-to-use solution that helps care teams deliver exceptional person-centered care.

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