“Remaining social and staying active is very important when you have dementia.”

– Gerard

Meet Gerard. A proud father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He is a history buff, loves to read and go dancing, and uses the web to trace his family tree and play brain training games.

Staying social

Diagnosed seven years ago with vascular dementia, Gerard took a year to process the diagnosis and then decided that “sitting around wasn’t going to benefit me.” He has gotten involved with several advocacy projects through the Alzheimer Society, enjoys day programs, and uses tools like MemorySparx® One to remain social. Gerard understands that everybody facing a dementia diagnosis will have their own unique timelines to process the news, but his own experience has taught him that "people should do everything they can to slow down the onset of their dementia. Get into a program and start doing activities as soon as you can.” 

Speaking confidently

Gerard has easily used his iPad to snap pictures of his framed photographs and albums around the house and saved them in the My Life section MemorySparx One. Now he is armed with stories and happy memories to share with anyone he meets – a favorite is from the time he won a footrace at Olympia in Greece, the location of the very first Olympic Games.

Remaining independent

Gerard notes that it is also helpful to take MemorySparx One to medical appointments to keep track of medications and to ensure caregivers are informed of his latest prescriptions and dosages.

“If the doctor says what are you taking now, you can show them all the medications you are on.
It’s very important.”

Using MemorySparx One has brought a lot of joy and confidence to Gerard's days. Try the app for 30 days and tell us what MemorySparx One brings to your day!