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When you want to remember important details about your day, your life and your health, MemorySparx One for iPad helps you record and recall this information in
one easy-to-use app. 

A tool, not a toy

A tool, not a toy
A tool, not a toy
A tool, not a toy

Add content with ease

MemorySparx One was designed in partnership with people living with dementia, so the app is elegant and easy to use, even for people who don't consider themselves tech savvy.


Find information on the go

Keep MemorySparx One with you on your iPad, and access information that's important to you wherever you need it - at a doctor's office, social engagement, or professional event.

Keep track of what matters

Store personal details, captioned photos, audio recordings, tasks, activities, and personal health information in one easy-to-access tool. No need to juggle sticky notes!


Speak for yourself

Keep track of your health history, medications, changes to your mood or behavior so you can speak for yourself at appointments with care professionals. 

Customer stories

You allow voice recordings, which is so important for me. When I cannot use my voice and I want to share these photos with my children, I can play the audio for them. It’s marvelous.
— Roxanne
It’s helpful to take to medical appointments. If the doctor asks ‘What are you taking now?’ you can show them all the medications you are on. It’s very important.
— Gerard

Try it, like it, choose a plan

When you download the MemorySparx One app from Apple App Store, the first 30 days of use are free. After 30 days, the subscription price depends on the plan you selected.