The MemorySparx® One iPad app is a tool for memory recall. Using personal photos, text and audio, you will have all the details and reminders needed to help you plan your day, boost your confidence in social settings and speak for yourself.

The combination of words, audio and visual cues strengthens memory recall and can help with:

  • Recalling names and details of your loved ones and your life

  • Keeping track of your daily agenda and activities

  • Making notes and jotting down reminders while on the go

  • Healthcare appointments

  • Providing medical information

My Day

My Day

You can keep track of your schedule, make your ‘to-do’ list, keep track of your appointments and make notes as you need them.

My Day can be filled with:

  • Social visits

  • Appointments

  • Shopping lists

  • Inspirational quotes

  • Photos

My Life

My Life

With My Life you can easily access all of your important details. Uploading photos, text and audio gives you the ability to easily reference your details as you need.

You can include:

  • Personal details

  • Family and friends

  • Where you live and places you’ve been 

My Health

My Health

Keep track of medical history, appointments and medications. With My Health you can store the important information you and your care team may need to reference.

Track details like:

  • Medication and supplement list and dosage

  • Personal and family health history

  • Instructions for physiotherapy and exercises

  • Details about your health care team

  • Daily health journal

Try it, like it, choose a plan

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