Emmetros announces release of MemorySparx Connect

Product now available for forward-thinking care organizations 


WATERLOO, ON - (February 19, 2019) - Emmetros Limited, a leader in inclusive software design, today announced the release of MemorySparx® Connect.  MemorySparx Connect is an easy-to-use platform that helps organizations deliver exceptional person-centered care and increase efficiency – while standing apart from the competition.    

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February 19, 2019
Emmetros announces enhancements to flagship MemorySparx One Product

30-day free trial is now available for MemorySparx One


WATERLOO, ON - (December 15, 2017) - Emmetros Limited, a leader in inclusive software design, today announced an updated version of MemorySparx One which includes enhanced features and transitions the product to a membership service model.  MemorySparx One is a mobile memory aid for people living with memory loss including early...

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December 15, 2017
Introducing MemorySparx One – A Mobile Memory Aid Developed and Designed with People Living With Dementia

MemorySparx One is the first to launch in a suite of mobile tools designed to help people with dementia communicate with confidence and reduce reliance on caregivers

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May 10, 2017