Meet Roxanne

Roxanne loves being outdoors. She tends to her garden and goes on nature hikes with her husband, Michael. When she was diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 51, Roxanne quickly crossed off zip lining, white water rafting and dune buggy driving from her "bucket list". 

Preserving Precious Words

Her initial diagnosis was changed to Primary Progressive Aphasia, which has affected Roxanne’s ability to process language. In the My Life section of MemorySparx® One, she uses the audio feature to record her own descriptions of her photos.

"You allow voice recordings, which is so important for me. There will come a time when I cannot use my voice, and when I want to share these photos with my children, I can play the audio for them. It's marvelous."

Prepared for Frequent Questions

Roxanne keeps a list of medications and supplements on her computer then takes a photo of it for the My Health section of MemorySparx One. She finds it easier to show that to everyone who asks at appointments.

Confident Where Things Are

Tired of always losing the papers with physiotherapy exercises on them, Roxanne takes a photo of them and stores them in the My Life section in an album called Physio Exercises.

"It's absolutely phenomenal, I can take a photo of the sheet and then I have it forever."

Storing Special Moments

Roxanne uses the My Day section to keep track of her agenda and she uses the audio recording feature in My Life to store thoughts and memories of precious moments from each day.

"It's a really nice place to record memorable times and experiences - like 'this is when I went to see my first grandchild in the hospital' - in anticipation of the future for my daughter to hear it."

Roxanne is waving near the back of the raft
Roxanne is waving near the back of the raft