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MemorySparx Connect Support

MemorySparx Connect helps forward-thinking organizations deliver exceptional care. If your team is using MemorySparx Connect, contact us directly with your questions or feedback at support@memorysparx.com.



  • Setup Guide for Managers - guides account managers and care managers through each step of the setup process.

  • Welcome Guide for Users - provides tips and how-to information for professional care partners, family members, and care recipients who use MemorySparx Connect.

  • Quick Start for Users - a short, printable introduction to MemorySparx Connect for new care partners, including family members and care professionals.

MemorySparx One Support

The MemorySparx One app for iPad helps individuals living with memory loss to record and recall important details about their day, life, and health.

For step-by-step instructions to help you get started download the MemorySparx One Getting Started Guide.

For other questions, please email support@memorysparx.com. We’re happy to help!